Completed Projects:

Scotiabank - Burnside

This job included the construction of new office space as well as washroom upgrades for handicap accessibility. - (View Details ...)

Scotiabank - Bridgewater
White Rock completed a renovation project at Scotiabank, Bridgewater which involved new office space and glass and sound proofing. - (View Details ...)

Scotiabank - Middleton
White Rock worked with Scotiabank, Middleton, to install a new air scrubber to improve air quality at this branch. - (View Details ...)

Scotiabank - Spring Garden Rd
Renovation work at this branch of Scotiabank was completed during evenings and weekends to avoid disruption of service to bank customers. - (View Details ...)

Scotiabank - Robie & Coburg
- (View Details ...)

Scotiabank - Sackville
- (View Details ...)

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